A Little About Us

Designer Wood Finishes is a cabinet and design company based in Grand Junction, Colorado that has been serving the Rocky Mountains since 1995.

We specialize in European frameless-style cabinetry. Our attention to detail, as well as customer service, allows us to stand apart from other cabinet companies.

We specifically partner with cabinet manufacturers that are able to meet the quality standards that we produce, and meet our customer's demands. The cabinets we sell are of high quality finishes and craftsmanship. The relationships that we have with our manufacturers enables us to meet the growing demands for custom cabinetry at an economical price point.

Just because we do not build our cabinets in our local shop, does not mean they are not custom. What exactly does "custom" mean? It is defined as "made specifically for individual customers; dealing in things so made, or doing work to order." Simply put, "custom" means that the cabinetry is designed and built to suit a specific situation or space, for a specific client, in their specific environment.

With over 20 years of experience in fine custom cabinetry, we understand the importance of providing products and services that deliver quality, value, and reliability. We would love to be your source for custom cabinetry and appreciate your business.